With the purpose of being in the lead of inorganic chemicals market, we make an emphasis on the highest quality of the products here in Timna Copper Mines. With the extensive know-how of copper and other non-ferrous metals, we successfully act in a segment of the high-clean copper chemicals, pure aluminium metal, and ammoniacal etchants production/regeneration market.
We have a pleasure to call your attention to our products catalog. You will find it below. Please follow the link in order to view the description of the product, the specifications of the available grades, the process we make the product and its main uses.

Quality Control

In the modern world of highly competitive market place, the role of high quality of the commodities is becoming more and more crucial to a supplier's success. In order to provide such a good quality, we maintain the multistage Quality Management System. The QC Laboratory staff samples and assays the raw materials used in the processes, the intermediate compounds generated meanwhile and the final products. Every manufacturing facility has its own lab as well. Moreover, our products are being assayed by internationally approved laboratories on a periodic basis. 



Basic Copper Carbonate


Aluminium Granules


 Ammoniacal Etchants