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Ammoniacal Etchants

Timna Copper Mines is the exclusive producer and supplier of ammoniacal etchants to the Israeli printed circuit board industry in a manner serving both industry and the environment most effectively.

The etchant is delivered to the customers, and the “blue” copper-loaded waste etchant is collected for the complete recovery of the copper oxide, ammonia and ammonium chloride.

The ammoniacal etchants contain special additives for efficient banking and oxidation boosting, thus allowing a controlled reaction rate with an improved undercut protection.

Timna is using its long-established know how of copper chemistry to render a comprehensive service fully authorized by the Ministry of the Environment.

Copper Recovery
Timna has applied innovative techniques to recover the copper oxide from copper-bearing effluents generated in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components. The Copper Oxide , in a fine powder form, that is recovered, is washed and then used as raw material for the production of Copper Carbonate. This operation offers a much-needed service to the electronic industry and is undertaken under close attention to the environmental standards. 

Copper recovered from etchant solution