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Basic Copper Carbonate

Basic copper carbonate manufactured by Timna Copper Mines is dustless, free flowing and easy-to-handle product that has a very high purity level, as well as all other Timna products.

Timna contributes to cleaner environment by producing basic copper carbonate from copper-containing acidic etchants, which outcome from Israeli Printed Circuit Board industry and would otherwise be land-buried.

Timna's capability for producing basic copper carbonate is 350 tons per annum.

Basic copper carbonate occurs as a natural mineral (malachite) in the Timna ore deposit, it is known as King Solomon's Mines Copper Carbonate. It has contributed its forest-green color to the company logo.

Basic copper carbonate is also known as copper carbonate hydroxide and as Bremen Green. As a matter of fact, a patina which is formed on the surface of copper and bronze items, called verdigris, is a layer of basic copper carbonate.


Product specification (Chemical analysis and size distribution)


Basic copper carbonate is available in 25 kg , 3-ply paper bags or 1000 kg polyethylene-lined woven polypropylene big-bags.

Product Physical Characteristics

Molecular formula: CuCO3∙Cu(OH)2

Basic copper carbonate is precipitated as a green monoclinic crystal. It is insoluble in water, completely soluble in methyl ethanol amine. It will also dissolve in mineral and organic acids.

Specific gravity of Basic Copper Carbonate is 4 g/cm3, and its apparent bulk density is 1.8-2.1 g/cm3.

Timna process for producing Basic Copper Carbonate

Production plant for basic copper carbonate has been developed and built in 2004. The plant has the fully-automatic MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Timna manufactures basic copper carbonate by reacting copper-bearing solutions and a soluble carbonate under controlled conditions, yielding a uniform product. The product comes out of the reactor as a slurry in a mother liquor. It is filtered, washed, dried and packed.

Filtration of Basic Copper Carbonate