Timna's motto: "Your waste products become our raw materials"

Timna Copper Mines contributes a lot to cleaner environment by applying recycling techniques and using raw materials which otherwise would become environmental-polluting waste.

Timna's process for producing Aluminium Granules and Grits recycles used aluminium articles, such as beverage cans, toothpaste tubes, cake pans, etc.

Basic Copper Carbonate produced by Timna from spent acidic etchants which outcome from Israeli Printed Circuit Board industry. These copper-loaded etchants would otherwise be land-buried.

Timna has applied innovative techniques to recover the copper from copper-bearing ammoniacal etchants used in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components. These etchants are fully recycled in Timna, the copper is recovered and used as raw material for copper sulfate production plant, and the etchants are replenished and returned to printed circuit board producers.